a different perspective...

on knowledge,learning, and teaching
  2. Eeksha’s mission is to offer a combination of Indian values and world-class technical education to students via the best teaching and learning methodologies researched in-house

  3. Eeksha E-learning software based on in-house R&D is under development

  4. Online (video) lectures in English and Kannada is an ongoing Eeksha initiative

  5. Mentoring gifted high school children in science and maths is an ongoing Eeksha initiative

  6. SAIL is a proposed Eeksha initiative aimed at providing a perfect amalgam of Indian values and modern knowledge to Class 8-to-12 (Science) girl students
About Eeksha

Eeksha means view or perspective in Sanskrit 
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The right perspective makes any concept easy to understand, remember, and use.. aims to come up with a different perspective on learning, teaching, and knowledge..