Eeksha Schools Program
(An Eeksha Initiative)   

education without character is like a building without a foundation is interested in promoting a 
unique methodology of teaching and learning 
that results in students’ 
high academic performance 
as well as
all-round development. 

Towards this goal, is preparing to offer the following to  schools shortly: 

 Eeksha-Stars Certification 
Similar in spirit to ISO-9001 certification for organizations, Eeeksha* will provide certification to schools that implement the Eeksha Methodology. Guidelines for Eeksha* are under development; the current draft can be viewed by clicking here.

Eeksha Study Material and Educational Software 
Intelligent tutoring software, study notes, and lecture videos can be purchased by students for study-at-home and by schools as supplements to their teaching. As part of’s CSR initiative, a basic version of the study material and software will be available free of cost, while additional features will be available on purchase basis.


News & Events

Eeksha-Stars Certification program is now in preparation